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Revised Draft North District Plan

The revised draft North District Plan provides a 20-year plan to manage growth and achieve the 40-year vision, while enhancing Greater Sydney’s liveability, productivity and sustainability into the future.

102 Sustainability

102 Sustainability Planning Priority N20 Delivering high quality open space In giving effect to the draft Greater Sydney Region Plan, this Planning Priority delivers on Objective 31: Public open space is accessible, protected and enhanced and the corresponding strategie and action. Public open space is a form of green infrastructure that enhances the character of the North District’s neighbourhoods, supports healthy and active lifestyles, and brings communities together. As the District grows, providing for and developing innovative ways to optimise open space areas for recreation, sport and social activity, as well as establishing physical links that support social networks and create a sense of community, will become increasingly important. The key considerations for planning open space are quality, quantity and distribution. The Greater Sydney Green Grid will help improve access and distribution. There will be relatively few opportunities to increase the quantity of public open space, and therefore greater emphasis will be needed on improving the quality and distribution of open space, including sporting facilities. Councils already identify innovative solutions for the shortfall in active open space, including making better use of existing sportsgrounds, converting existing open space into sports fields, and partnering with schools to share spaces outside school hours. People in urban neighbourhoods should be able to walk to local open space. In high density neighbourhoods, public open space is used like a shared backyard, providing a green communal living space. Open space in high density neighbourhoods needs to be durable, multi-purpose and accessible to a wide variety of users. High density neighbourhoods also need to have high quality open space within close proximity. In local and strategic centres, local open space is important to provide places for workers to relax and for people to meet and socialise. It also provides for tree and vegetation planting in the centre. Place-based planning can identify opportunities to improve the quality, management and use of existing open space, and to provide new open space. While 48 per cent of the District is open space, most of this is protected national parks and reserves along the Hawkesbury River and its tributaries, such as Ku-ring-gai National Park and Berowra Valley National Park. Existing open space within the District is shown on Figure 25. Access to open space for residents the majority of residents in the District is within 400 metres. For residents of high density, improving access to local open space together with its quality will be essential. Open space for formal outdoor sport use makes up only four per cent of the local open space in the District. The District is characterised by high levels of participation in active sports, which results in considerable wear and tear on playing fields and places demands on local government to maintain these facilities for year-round use. Additional open space areas and sports and recreation facilities and innovative use of existing ones will be needed to accommodate the needs of the growing population, especially in areas where residential density is increasing. This will be important in areas in and around strategic centres, priority Precincts and Priority Growth Areas. New ovals, upgraded fields and facilities are required to accommodate the displaced demand. Greater Sydney Commission | Draft North District Plan

103 Figure 25: North District access to open space District Boundary Metropolitan City Centre Strategic Centre Transit Oriented Development Land Release Priority Growth Area Infill Priority Precinct / Urban Renewal Corridor Railway Residential Areas > 400m to open space Existing Open Space Metropolitans Rural Area Source: Greater Sydney Commission, 2016, Greater Sydney Public Open Space Audit, December 2016 Greater Sydney Commission | Draft North District Plan