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Revised Draft North District Plan

The revised draft North District Plan provides a 20-year plan to manage growth and achieve the 40-year vision, while enhancing Greater Sydney’s liveability, productivity and sustainability into the future.

42 Liveability

42 Liveability Planning Priority N6 Creating and renewing great places and local centres, and respecting the District’s heritage In giving effect to the draft Greater Sydney Region Plan, this Planning Priority delivers on Objective 12: Great places that bring people together and Objective 13: Environmental heritage is conserved and enhanced and the corresponding strategies. Greater Sydney’s cities, centres and neighbourhoods each have a unique combination of local people, history, culture, arts, climate, built form and natural features creating places with distinctive identities and functions. Great places build on these characteristics to create a sense of place that reflects shared community values and culture. Through this, they attract residents, workers, visitors, enterprise and investment. Great places include all parts of the public realm such as open space, streets, centres and neighbourhoods. They exhibit design excellence and start with, and focus on, open space and a peoplefriendly public realm. To create great places the mechanisms for delivering public benefits need to be agreed early in the planning process, so that places provide a combination of the following elements as set out in the draft Greater Sydney Region Plan: • Well-designed built-environment – great places are enjoyable and attractive, they are safe, clean and flexible with a mix of sizes and functions. • Social infrastructure and opportunity – great places are inclusive of people of all ages and abilities, with a range of authentic local experiences and opportunities for social interaction and connection. • Fine grain urban form – great places are of human scale, walkable with a mix of land uses including public buildings at the heart of communities. The District’s great places include local and strategic centres such as Crows Nest, Lane Cove and North Sydney, beachside neighbourhoods like Avalon and Narrabeen together with major shopping precincts, and distinctive dining and night time precincts such as Chatswood and Manly. Spectacular views of Sydney Harbour, the CBD skyline, an expansive coastline, waterways and bushland provide the focal point for many great places across the North District. The unique character and distinctive mix of land uses, activities, social connectors and functions in these places provide social and physical connectivity, local diversity and cultural richness, all of which contribute to the liveability of neighbourhoods and enhance people’s quality of life. Places best achieve these outcomes when they exhibit human scale and provide fine grain urban form and land use mix at the heart of neighbourhoods. Accessibility for people of all ages and abilities is central to creating and renewing great places, particularly walking and cycling connections to and within local places. Improving liveability in urban environments necessitates planning for a mix of high-quality places that engage, activate and connect people and communities. Co-locating activities and social infrastructure in mixed use areas delivers more efficient use of land and enhances the viability of, and access to, great places, centres and public transport. To deliver high quality, community specific and place-based outcomes, planning for the District should integrate site-specific planning proposals with precinct-wide place and public domain outcomes through place-based planning. This is a method by which great places can capitalise on the community’s shared values and strengths and the place’s locally distinctive attributes through collaboration and meaningful community participation. Greater Sydney Commission | Draft North District Plan

43 With growth and change, more high-quality public places will be required in and around centres. Renewal will increase opportunities to expand and connect public places and to explore opportunities for innovative these places, such as rooftops and podiums. Streets as places Creating and renewing great places also requires recognition of the function of streets as places (refer to Figure 15). Streets are important for moving people and goods between places, but are also important places for people and street life, enhancing social and economic participation. Much of people’s experience of the public realm is in a street environment. Consequently, the way the street meets people’s different movement and place needs determines the character of the street and shapes people’s experience of a city. Creating and renewing streets as great places is therefore key to improving liveability. Although streets differ in their function and character, maximising opportunities for walking, cycling and social interaction is a priority. This requires allocation of road space between footpaths, cycleways, public transport and vehicles that considers people’s safety needs and balances movement and place functions in response to the type of street and local conditions. Figure 15: Movement and place framework Motorways Movement corridors Vibrant streets Movement Local streets Places for people Source: Future Transport 2056 and Greater Sydney Commission Place Places for people like Manly Corso, Mount St Plaza in North Sydney and Lane Cove Plaza perform intense place functions with highly significant local pedestrian movements. Vibrant streets like Victoria Avenue Chatswood are important places for street life and transport. Local streets are important places for people as they provide the principal opportunity for formal and informal connections with neighbours and the local community. They must also provide good local access. Movement corridors such as Pennant Hills Road provide safe and efficient movement between centres, neighbourhoods and places. Greater Sydney Commission | Draft North District Plan