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Revised Draft North District Plan

The revised draft North District Plan provides a 20-year plan to manage growth and achieve the 40-year vision, while enhancing Greater Sydney’s liveability, productivity and sustainability into the future.

50 Productivity

50 Productivity Planning Priority N7 Growing a stronger and more competitive Harbour CBD In giving effect to the draft Greater Sydney Region Plan, this Planning Priority delivers on Objective 18: Harbour CBD is stronger and more competitive and the corresponding strategies and actions. Harbour CBD Growing the global competitiveness of Greater Sydney is fundamental to the vision of a metropolis of three cities. The Harbour CBD contains 22 per cent of Greater Sydney’s jobs and is Australia’s financial business capital, containing a large proportion of the regional headquarters of multinational and national companies. It has the largest commercial office market in Australia with the largest concentration of highvalue knowledge-intensive jobs. The Harbour CBD is a Metropolitan City Centre and includes the areas of Sydney CBD, North Sydney CBD, Barangaroo, Darling Harbour, Pyrmont, The Bays Precinct, Camperdown-Ultimo health and education precinct, Central to Eveleigh, part of Surry Hills and Sydney East. The Harbour CBD is central to delivering a wellconnected city where transport investments improve residents’ ability to access a larger and more diverse pool of jobs. Maintaining a long-term supply of office space will maintain Greater Sydney’s global economic role, and should not be compromised by residential development. Future planning for the Harbour CBD will balance high levels of development with high levels of amenity. North Sydney CBD as part of the Harbour CBD North Sydney CBD is a thriving office market and is an attractive complementing office market to Sydney CBD. For this reason, it is recognised as the northern component of the Harbour CBD. North Sydney CBD is also an attractive alternative to the Macquarie Park commercial office market, offering: • a distinct and high quality commercial core • Sydney Harbour and Sydney CBD views • high accessibility to Sydney CBD and a skilled labour force • surrounding high-amenity residential and mixed use precincts that, along with the commercial core, provide specialist services and experiences. North Sydney CBD will continue to benefit from higher proportions of jobs in professional, scientific and technical services, financial and insurance services, and information media and telecommunications.5 The North Sydney CBD is located on a rail line, and includes a bus interchange and access to major arterial roads. Sydney Metro City & Southwest will deliver a second North Sydney Station – Victoria Cross Station – to improve connectivity with the Harbour CBD and other centres in the Eastern Economic Corridor and expanded labour pool from the north west. North Sydney CBD’s strong commercial core is thriving. Its ongoing protection and growth is key to its prominent role in the Greater Sydney office market. This commercial core is complemented by educational institutions, including the Australian Catholic University and many schools; Greenwood Plaza; and civic uses including the North Sydney Council chambers and Stanton Library. North Sydney CBD has access to the Sydney CBD’s existing tourism infrastructure. This access, combined with a waterside location, spectacular views and amenity, provide opportunities to increase visitation and further diversify the local economy. With many office workers using the North Sydney CBD commercial core, a more diverse night-time economic offering should be explored. Continuing to improve walking and cycling links will attract business to the North Sydney CBD. For the same reasons, public spaces should be protected from overshadowing and wind (potentially generated from buildings). Greater Sydney Commission | Draft North District Plan

51 North Sydney Jobs 2016 Estimate 60,400 2036 Baseline Target 76,000 2036 Higher Target 81,500 ! North Sydney Milsons Point ! Jobs and services Actions 22. Grow economic development in North Sydney CBD to: a. maximise the land use opportunities provided by the new station b. grow jobs in the centre and maintain a commercial core c. strengthen North Sydney’s reputation as an education centre, to grow jobs and add diversity d. expand after hours’ activities e. encourage growth in business tourism as a conference location that takes advantage of North Sydney’s identity as a business hub, its location, access and views f. provide a variety of high quality civic and public spaces befitting a globally-oriented CBD, which can be utilised for a range of cultural and entertainment activities g. improve amenity by reducing the impact of vehicle movements on pedestrians h. create capacity to achieve job targets by reviewing the current planning controls. 23. Prioritise: a. public transport projects to the Harbour CBD to improve business-to-business connections and support the 30-minute city b. infrastructure investments which enhance walkability and cycling, particularly those focused on access to the transport network, and within five kilometres of any strategic centre or 10 kilometres of the Harbour CBD Responsibility North Sydney Council, other planning authorities, and State agencies Councils, other planning authorities, and State agencies Greater Sydney Commission | Draft North District Plan