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Revised Draft North District Plan

The revised draft North District Plan provides a 20-year plan to manage growth and achieve the 40-year vision, while enhancing Greater Sydney’s liveability, productivity and sustainability into the future.

60 Productivity Frenchs

60 Productivity Frenchs Forest Jobs and services The Commission has identified the strategic centre of Frenchs Forest as a health and education precinct. The Northern Beaches Hospital development will anchor a new health and education precinct for the North District and Greater Sydney. The hospital is due to be completed in 2018 will provide knowledge-intensive jobs, innovation and service delivery. The NSW Government is undertaking road upgrades around the new Northern Beaches Hospital. The new hospital and improved transport links will be a catalyst for revitalisation of the area and the creation of a vibrant town centre with new homes and jobs. The Commission has identified the centre as a Collaboration Area given the important health uses proposed for the precinct. Frenchs Forest is identified as a Priority Precinct with the NSW Department of Planning and Environment leading planning in this area in collaboration with the Commission, Northern Beaches Council, NSW Health, NSW Department of Education, Transport for NSW and NSW Roads and Maritime Services. Frenchs Forest Jobs 2016 estimate 9,300 2036 baseline target 12,000 2036 higher target 13,000 Actions Responsibility 31. Strengthen Frenchs Forest through approaches that: a. leverage the investment in the Northern Beaches Hospital to provide a vibrant and well connected strategic centre b. deliver an urban core with a mix of commercial and residential uses and community facilities c. provide new housing, including affordable housing d. encourange walkability and cycling within the precinct e. enhance the natural setting of the area by embellishing existing open space f. attract new, innovative health and medical related commercial premises to support the hospital g. reinforce the centre as an employment hub for the Northern Beaches, building on the existing business park east of the Wakehurst Parkway h. continue to investigate a high frequency public transport link, in partnership with State agencies. NSW Department of Planning and Environment, State agencies, Greater Sydney Commission, NSW Health and Northern Beaches Council Greater Sydney Commission | Draft North District Plan

61 Planning Priority N10 Growing investment, business opportunities and jobs in strategic centres In giving effect to the draft Greater Sydney Region Plan, this Planning Priority delivers on Objective 22: Investment and business activity in centres and the corresponding strategies and actions. The growth, innovation and evolution of centres will underpin the economy of the North District. Centres provide important services and jobs for local residents and places for communities to meet. Their vitality and viability is important to local economies and their character defines local areas. Well-planned centres help to stimulate economic activity and innovation through the co-location of activities, provide jobs closer to where people live and use infrastructure more efficiently. To manage the growth and change of the North District’s centres a centres hierarchy has been established as outlined below: • Metropolitan city centre: North Sydney CBD as part of the Harbour CBD (refer to Planning Priority N7) • Strategic centres: Brookvale-Dee Why, Chatswood, Hornsby, Manly, Mona Vale, St Leonards, Frenchs Forest and Macquarie Park (for the latter three, refer to Planning Priority N9) • Local centres: approximately 36 centres (refer to Planning Priority N6). All strategic centres will be the focus of public transport investments that seek to deliver the 30-minute city objective (refer to Planning Priority N12). Some strategic centres in the North District have major office precincts or health and education activities. They differ in size and scale of economic activity. However, as strategic centres they all have similar expectations including: • high levels of private sector investment • flexibility, so that the private sector can choose where and when to invest • co-location of a wide mix of activities, including residential • high levels of amenity and walkability • areas identified for commercial uses, and where appropriate, commercial cores. Creating the conditions for growth and making centres great places is a focus Planning Priority N6. Research has shown that the North District will need to accommodate more than 800,000 square metres of additional retail floor space over the next 20 years. In addition, there will be significant demand for additional office floor space. Creating the opportunities to attract retail and office development locally brings jobs closer to where people live. This requires growth in either existing or new centres. The principles for developing new centres are outlined in this Planning Priority. Rapid changes in technology and in retail trends, emerging night-time economies and population growth require councils to be agile and responsive in their planning for centre growth. Adaptive and flexible spaces may be required, particularly in centres close to the CBD, because of an increasing demand for workspaces from start-up and creative industries. Smart work hubs offer the conveniences of a modern office – high-speed internet, meeting rooms, video conferencing facilities, informal lounges and quiet booths – in local areas. They operate as shared workspaces with other small businesses, government and corporate organisations. Opportunities for smart work hubs in strategic centres should be encouraged. Greater Sydney Commission | Draft North District Plan