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Revised Draft North District Plan

The revised draft North District Plan provides a 20-year plan to manage growth and achieve the 40-year vision, while enhancing Greater Sydney’s liveability, productivity and sustainability into the future.

88 Sustainability

88 Sustainability Planning Priority N15 Protecting and improving the health and enjoyment of Sydney Harbour and the District’s waterways In giving effect to the draft Greater Sydney Region Plan, this Planning Priority delivers on Objective 25: The coast and waterways are protected and healthier and the corresponding strategies. The North District’s coast and waterways shape its landscape and character. They are natural assets, cultural resources and recreational destinations. As the District grows, greater housing density around waterways, and more people looking to use waterways for recreation, will mean that these assets will need to be carefully managed so they continue to support a wide range of activities. The waterways and rivers of the North District are part of an overall natural system and contribute to the ‘green infrastructure’ that cools and greens the District. The District’s waterways support coastal, marine and groundwater dependant ecosystems, which benefit from continuing protection and management. They support threatened ecological communities and accommodate the disposal of stormwater and wastewater. The Districts catchments and waterways are shown on Figure 22. Waterways within the North District include Sydney Harbour and Parramatta River, the Lane Cover River, Middle Harbour, Narrabeen Lagoon, Pittwater and the Hawkesbury River. The North District’s waterways support significant biodiversity. Five aquatic reserves – at Barrenjoey Head, Narrabeen Head, Long Reef, Cabbage Tree Bay and North Harbour at Manly – have been created to protect fish, aquatic animals and marine vegetation. The North’s protected waterways play an integral role in creating a sense of place, providing recreational opportunities, and supporting economic and cultural activities. Sydney Harbour is an internationally celebrated tourism destination and continues to be a working harbour. The District’s famous beaches, including Manly Beach and Palm Beach, also attract visitors and support an active lifestyle for residents. Pittwater’s foreshore is a spectacular natural resource for the District, with visitors and residents using the foreshore for leisure and recreation. Many recreational activities including water skiing, fishing and canoeing are also located on the Hawkesbury River. A legacy of historical land uses, contaminated land, aged infrastructure and the pattern of urban development have impacted some of the District’s waterways. Other waterways, such as Middle Harbour at Balmoral Beach are in better health, provide habitat, are accessible and are popular settings for swimming. Urban development, the clearing of vegetation and more impermeable surfaces have resulted in elevated run-off, reduced water quality and loss of habitat. Urban stormwater carries litter and contaminants into the District’s waterways. The District’s waterways often flow through more than one local government area and are managed by a number of agencies and stakeholders, so water quality and waterway health is best managed at a catchment and sub-catchment level. Growth and new investment provides an opportunity to improve the necessary health and quality of the District’s waterways, foreshores and riparian corridors, through improving public access to and along the foreshores; providing connected green space around the foreshores; conserving cultural heritage; protecting flora and fauna, and urban bushland; and recovering and reinstating more natural conditions in highly modified waterways. Enhancing community access to the coast and waterways within the District and, in particular, the foreshores of Sydney Harbour should be prioritised. This includes access for pedestrians as well as boats and other watercraft. The delivery of Greater Sydney Green Grid connections (refer to Priority N19) will enhance connections to Sydney Harbour, the Parramatta River and the coastline from Palm Beach to Manly. Greater Sydney Commission | Draft North District Plan

89 Figure 22: North District catchments and waterways District Boundary Strategic Centre River Flow Direction Hawkesbury-Nepean River Basin Parramatta River Basin Lane Cove River Basin Middle Harbour Creek Basin Manly Lagoon Port Jackson Basin Dee Why Lagoon / Curl Curl Lagoon Narrabeen Lagoon Pittwater Coastal Catchment Waterway Greater Sydney Commission | Draft North District Plan